Fireworks Alternative

Why do we need a fireworks alternative? We know that people love fireworks, but they are fast becoming an outdated way to mark our biggest celebrations.

Fireworks cause fires, they emit carbon and harmful toxins into the air, and they scare the animals. In a world going through an ecological and climate crisis, they have little place in a greener future.

Luckily, drones are a green fireworks alternative. At Celestial, our drones are powered with green energy to keep our operations as low carbon as possible.

As well as offering an environmentally friendly way of marking occasions like the new year, drone displays have much more creative potential.

Celestial drone swarm in Edinburgh night sky

Drones Swarms | Celestial Leads the Way

Firework displays have been around for almost as long as history has been written. Famously originating in ancient China, they’ve been ever-present at major celebrations, theme parks, and bonfires throughout living memory — because up until now, there hasn’t been much in the way of competition. Recently, that’s changed, thanks to the advent of the …

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drones best fireworks alternative: drone light shows in the night sky

3 Reasons Why Drones Make the Best Fireworks Alternative

Fireworks have been synonymous with big public events and celebrations for hundreds of years. But the world has changed a lot since they were first invented, both socially and environmentally, so could it be that these exploding missiles in the night sky have become outdated? Do drones now make the best fireworks alternative? As more …

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