Elevate your brand with iconic drone light shows

Our drone light shows showcase your brand in unrivalled beauty,

with awe-inspiring displays that are iconic and compelling.

Irresistibly shareable content to send your brand viral

Not only do our breathtaking shows create a bold visual impression, they compel audiences to spread your message on social media, with exquisite visuals that are irresistibly shareable. 

Why Celestial drone light shows are unique

  • We don’t just put your logo in the sky (though we can do that too), we create stories in the sky that immerse the audience within your brand’s world


  • Our signature style blends technology with choreographed formations that mirror organic movement, creating incredible motion that will entrance your audience


  • Our people are world-renowned experts in their fields, breaking new ground in blending technology with the arts. We use this artistic purpose to represent our clients’ messaging in the most unique and emotive way


  • We have been trusted by some of the world’s best-known brands to convert their messaging into iconic displays that thrill and connect
Captivate your audience
With unique and dramatic displays in the sky
Convert hearts and minds
By sharing your story in a format that connects with audiences emotionally
Create a lasting impression
By showcasing your brand in a powerful way on the world’s biggest stage
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