Black Deer Festival of Americana

The Black Deer Festival of Americana, known for its vibrant atmosphere and eclectic mix of music, introduced a dazzling addition in June 2024 with its first-ever drone light show. The captivating display lit up the night sky, blending the Celestial’s signature Cosmic Wisdom show with the Black Deer trademark logo. The secret drone light show came as a delightful surprise to attendees, quickly becoming a standout highlight of the festival.

June 2024 / Kent, UK / For Black Deer of Americana

Held annually, the Black Deer Festival celebrates Americana culture, bringing together a diverse lineup of musical acts, culinary delights, and cultural experiences. The addition of cutting-edge drone light technology into its attractions this year, not only added a modern twist to the traditional festival experience but also showcased the festival’s commitment to innovation and creativity.

After Saturday’s headline act, Sheryl Crow, attendees were left in awe as the Black Deer logo illuminated the sky, celebrating the festival’s unique identity and its fusion of tradition and modernity. The surprise element of the drone light show added to the excitement and joy of festival-goers, making it a standout, memorable moment for everyone who witnessed it.

Photo courtesy of Caitlin Mogridge

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