Inspire communities with jaw-dropping drone light shows

Upgrade your city celebrations with premium drone light shows that blend storytelling, technology and art with emotional engagement to inspire and unite your town or city.

Breathtaking celebrations that last

Our breathtaking shows create a bold visual impression that compels audiences to capture and share on social media, helping them to live on in the public consciousness.

Why Celestial drone light shows are unique

  • Stories are our sun, at the centre of all that we do. Our team of filmmakers, directors, theatre producers and creatives work alongside highly-skilled technical experts to create stories that are bold, emotive and completely memorable


  • Our signature style blends drone technology with choreographed formations that mirror organic movement, creating incredible motion that will entrance your audience


  • Every piece of work is a unique multi-media experience, with audio narration and music helping to tell the story represented by the lights in the sky


  • Our City Celebrations have been enjoyed from LA to London to Melbourne and beyond, uniting people of all ages in wonder, with the magic of light
Capture the imagination
With incredible dynamic 3D light displays for all to see
Raise spirits and touch hearts
With an entertainment format that connects with audiences emotionally
Celebrate in style
Showcasing your city, its achievements and history in spectacular stories in the sky
Impact your audience, not the planet
Unlike fireworks, our drone light shows tell a story and provide complete creative freedom to showcase your city’s uniqueness in a way that is both impactful and environmentally-friendly, without polluting the earth or scaring wildlife.
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