Mesmerise audiences with bespoke, jaw-dropping drone light shows ​

When we’re given complete trust to channel our immense expertise into unique immersive performances, that’s when our creativity really shines. Our signature shows are created from an open client brief, allowing our world-renowned team of creatives from the film, theatre and animation industries to develop never-before-seen, end-to-end productions from concept to completion. Our approach allows for stage lighting, screens and the sky to work in unison with drone technology, audio narration and music, to create a multi-sensory immersive storytelling experience.


We work with brands seeking to make an impact in the world, brands that understand that you have to stand out to be seen. Celestial’s Signature Shows provide an unparalleled and spectacular medium to elevate your message to its deserved heights. Not only do we create completely unique, captivating drone light shows, we are the only company employing world-renowned filmmakers to create highly engaging assets that allow your message to spread online.

Why Celestial drone light shows are unique

We are true pioneers in drone light technology. Our expertise and drive to develop this emerging technology has led us to create a unique animation style. Our drones are programmed to work both independently and in unison, with naturalistic self-correcting movements that provide an organic quality, while maintaining precise choreography. Our 3D light shows connect the surrounding landscape with light technology in a way that captivates audiences unlike any other medium, compelling them to take notice and truly absorb your message.


Celestial’s elite team of creative experts from the worlds of film, music, theatre and animation are uniquely qualified to build a narrative that speaks directly to the heart of your audience and connect them to the purpose of your show through world-class storytelling.

As a purpose-led company, we truly believe in using the power of this pioneering artform for good. And we put all of our efforts into propelling the work of others who do good too.

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