Compel action with inspirational drone light shows​

Our dramatic light shows use the sky as a stage on which to share meaningful stories that impact deeply and inspire action.

Grow your universe with irresistibly shareable shows

Our breathtaking shows create a bold visual impression that compels your following to spread your message on social media and expand your audience in the process

Why Celestial drone light shows are unique

  • Our drone light shows hold a unique quality, connecting the surrounding landscape with light technology in a way that captivates unlike any other medium, compelling viewers to take notice and truly absorb your message


  • With a team comprised of world-renowned filmmakers, directors and artists, we bring our exceptional storytelling expertise to build a narrative that connects your cause to the hearts of those experiencing the show


  • We work closely with our clients to bring together creative concepts that reflect your mission in ways you may never have thought possible. By bringing visual and audio together in awe-inspiring 3D motion, we bring a new level of visibility to your cause

Set your message apart
With storytelling on the world’s biggest stage, our drone shows present a unique format, immersing viewers in your message
Bring communities together
With a powerful, unmissable medium that connects people on both a physical and emotional level
Increase charitable donations
Our drone shows power positive impact on charitable donations, with record results recorded for recent fundraiser shows
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