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Laura Sullivan, from Thanet, Kent, has dedicated the last 10 years to reuniting lost dogs with their heartbroken owners. Heading up the Missing Dogs and Strays in Thanet group, Laura and is the go-to person for people trying to find their dogs – and other pets – or rescue an animal in trouble. We worked with BBC’s The One Show to orchestrate One Big Thank You for Laura, to recognise her tireless work for others.

May 2024 / Frome, UK / For BBC’s The One Show

The group’s efforts over the years have involved utilising various innovative methods to locate missing pets. She has mastered the use of social media, local networks, and even sophisticated technology like drone cameras for aerial inspection to assist in her searches. Her drones have become an essential tool in her mission, allowing her to cover large areas quickly and efficiently, often providing a bird’s-eye view that can reveal clues not visible from the ground.

Given Laura’s significant reliance on drone technology for aerial inspections, BBC presenter Richie Anderson invited her to our base under the guise of participating in his new show about drone technology, asking her to ‘give feedback’ on our drone formations. In reality, this was all part of a carefully orchestrated surprise in collaboration with The One Show, aimed at giving Laura One Big Thank You for her remarkable contributions to her community.

As the evening sky darkened, we began flying her favourite formations from our Evolution show. Laura watched in awe as the drones moved gracefully through the sky, creating intricate patterns and designs. She provided feedback with the enthusiasm and keen eye that had made her a beloved figure in her community. However, the true highlight was yet to come.

In a spectacular finale, the drones were arranged into a dazzling display spelling out “One Big Thank You” against the backdrop of the stars. The moment was filled with emotion as Laura realised the tribute was for her, and had all been orchestrated by The One Show.

Ensuring Laura’s contributions were acknowledged on a broader platform, she went on to feature on their Thursday night TV show. The surprise tribute highlighted her as an unsung hero whose quiet dedication had a profound impact, and the drone light shows were the perfect art form to bring Laura the light she brings to others.

The drone show that Celestial provided was not only visually stunning but also had an emotional impact that brought the person we were surprising to tears.

The team were a pleasure to work with from start to finish and made our first venture into the world of drone shows an enjoyable and rewarding one.

Olivia Tovey

Assistant Producer, One Tribe TV

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