Project Overview

Earlier this year, Celestial was commissioned as part of Point of the Bluff Vineyards’ popular 4th July celebratory weekend of events, to create a drone show that would help raise awareness and funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

The show took place on both Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd July as the finale to a fantastic lineup of acts at the Vineyards in New York state. 

Following extraordinary performances by Leonid & Friends on the Saturday and classic rock legends America on the Sunday night, the visually stunning 400 drone display concluded events over breathtaking views of Keuka Lake.

The Show

This inspiring drone light show was performed over a captivating narrative of human triumph over adversity, told from the deeply affecting perspective of individuals living with Muscular Dystrophy.

The soundtrack featured a moving poem written by Celestial creatives Marc J Francis and Robbie Sloan in collaboration with MDA patron Janet Rodenhouse. We listened to the stories of Lily, Janet and others living with Muscular Dystrophy to create a powerful poem that encapsulates the daily challenges they face and the emotions they feel. An experiential cinematic musical score was created by Bethany Stenning.  

The drones, through a cosmic and ephemeral presentation of sacred geometric formations, created both a mesmerising and uplifting experience. The drones’ intricate light formations took on a mystical quality and became vessels of inspiration, conveying a powerful message of resilience and hope.

The use of spoken word enhanced the emotional journey of the light show and created a multi-sensory symphony that left viewers moved to tears, and to donate to a worthy cause.

Click here to watch a short clip of Janet Rodenhouse’s visit to Celestial to preview the MDA show animation.  

The Film

“Humble Courage” is an enchanting short film produced by Celestial that captures the extraordinary performance of Lily Sander, a determined 15-year-old girl living with Muscular Dystrophy. In a small town in upstate New York, Lily discovers her unique ability to summon the stars through the power of her radiant poetry.

Directed with artistic finesse by Marc J. Francis, and with breathtaking cinematography and a captivating soundtrack by Benjamin Gordon, this inspiring film encapsulates Lily’s unwavering optimism in the face of adversity.

“Humble Courage” transcends boundaries, reminding viewers that even in the darkest of nights, the spark of hope can ignite the most extraordinary of journeys.

We learn of the challenges that Lily faces, the strength that she shows to face adversity and the hope and gratitude that she feels towards the work that is being done to one day find a cure. The film creates a multi-sensory symphony that celebrates not just the challenges faced by those living with Muscular Dystrophy but also the invincibility of the human spirit that is in us all.

Final thoughts and thanks

The success of this story was very much down to the fantastic collaboration between the teams at the Muscular Dystrophy Association,  Point of the Bluff Vineyards and Celestial. We are eternally grateful to the contributors to both the show and the film and we’re hopeful that drone shows will continue to play a bigger role in 4th July celebrations across the U.S. 
A huge thank you to all the teams at the Muscular Dystrophy Association,  Point of the Bluff Vineyard and to Lily Sander, whose story (along with many others) we are so very honoured to have been able to share.

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