We bring the stars to life and our wow factor is unprecedented.

We are the natural successor to fireworks. Using drones as pixels, we see the night sky as a giant 3D screen capable of unlimited digital possibilities.

Our immersive events, world-class films and cutting-edge technology represents a new frontier in the live event industry.

Humanity has become accustomed to looking down at screens. Celestial’s messages of hope encourage audiences to look up again, reigniting our relationship with the stars.

drone display forming image of bird flying over ocean
Celestial's artist impression of drones in the formation of a whale

Celestial is founded on strong ethical values.

Our software translates live gestures of a human performer into the drone flock. Our drones can also mirror animal motion and react to music in real time. The result is breathtaking organic movement on an epic scale.

Our Techno-Organic systems connect audiences, performers and visuals, pushing the boundary of what’s possible with drone display technology. We collaborate on visionary projects with pioneering brands. We’re green, we’re Covid-friendly and storytelling is our strength.

celestial drones on launchpad ready to take off at night
about celestial. performer interacting live with celestial drone display in the night sky

Our goal is to unite people through a shared sense of wonder.

Meet the team

Located in the rolling hills near Bath, we encourage clients to visit our airfield for a stunning demo.

Celestial's drone light display forming huge 3d blue whale using 300 drones
Celestial team gathered on site at Frome base for a team photo
Reach out
If you have any questions or want to enquire about our drone displays then you can leave a message and our team will get in touch. Alternatively do get in touch with the team on +44 (0)1225 292122.
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For all media enquiries please email media@celestial.show