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Celestial has created an entirely new form of entertainment, set on the world’s biggest stage – the sky. Blending modern technology with creativity we have developed a pioneering new artistic medium to entertain and drive positive change in the world. We are fanatical about producing stories with purpose, responsibly using this groundbreaking artform to create entertainment and share powerful messages for the benefit of people and the planet.

Global experts in drone art technology

Since forming in 2019, Celestial has gathered an unparalleled global team of experts from the worlds of film, music, theatre, animation and technical operations. Together, we are leaders in this new artistic realm. Collaborating with world-class talent, from Poet Laureates and Grammy-winning musicians to Hollywood actors and indigenous artists, we create premium drone light shows that deeply connect with viewers on an emotional level.

Creating moments of wonder

Our first drone show, recorded for Hogmanay celebrations during lockdown, was set in the Scottish Highlands.
We used hundreds of drone lights to imitate organic forms, creating stags and other creatures that moved through the mountains as if a part of the landscape. The show provided a sense of inspiration and awe when people needed it most, and catapulted Celestial onto the world stage.
Since then, we have continued to push the limits of technology and creativity in collaboration with some of the world’s biggest brands, charities and celebrations, from Eurovision to Amazon Prime, Greenpeace, and London New Year’s Eve. Drone show technology provides unlimited storytelling potential, weaving narrative and emotional engagement into unforgettable moments for our audiences.


Stories are our sun, at the very centre of what we do. Together, our award-winning team of writers, directors and animators create impactful stories that are played out through drone light art in the sky.


We go beyond producing drone shows, capitalising on over 40 years of experience in filmmaking industries to create award-winning, director-led films that showcase and incorporate drone light shows as a scroll-stopping, shareable asset for websites and social media.


Our animators work magic, tasked with the challenge of translating stories and ideas into 3D visual displays that are inspired by organic movement, they are the creative and technical core of Celestial.


When trusted to deliver premium, unique and purposeful experiences, Celestial really shines.

Technology for good

With origins in the media industries, entertainment is our forte. But we are at the forefront of a groundbreaking intersection between technology and creativity, and are determined to use it as a force for good.  We want to facilitate the migration away from primitive technologies such as fireworks, towards the drastically lower carbon technology of drones.

Lending our expertise, we seek to partner with companies still using these high-carbon technologies, and support them to utilise the drone format as the ultimate alternative in light entertainment. More than this, we’re continuously working to advance drone light technology for completely new humanitarian uses.

Expanding our universe...

We believe that by uniting people with a shared sense of wonder, we can drive positive change in the world. We continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, investing in people, technology and creativity to solve the problems that others can’t, and to realise the true potential of our unique skill set for people and the planet.

Celestial is always looking for new stars. If you share our ambitions, get in touch.

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