Bringing stories in the sky to screens everywhere

Impactful messaging, viral capabilities

Celestial is the only drone show company with a dedicated in-house film team, creating cinematic, director-led films incorporating drone shows. Our drone show films and storytelling campaign films ensure your message can spread fast on social media, allowing you to raise awareness and deliver impactful brand visibility.

Continuing the narrative

Our drone show films present the story of the event itself, with awe-inspiring footage of the show, to live on in video format forever. Our in-house team of globally-renowned filmmakers provide the technical expertise and knowledge to capture the true spirit of your event, incorporating audience reactions and fresh aspects of the show that viewers can connect with whenever and wherever they are.

Impactful visual storytelling

Stories are what guide us as human beings and they have an incredible ability to ignite our souls. Our campaign films deeply connect with viewers by combining the magic of drone technology with a powerful narrative that’s both arresting and beautiful. Our directors and writers are creative experts, working with brands, charities and NGOs to create campaigns that capture the imagination and compel action.

We work with world-class talent; using state of the art drone cameras, brilliant post-production and people who really understand the best way to capture this new form of light technology entertainment. 

Marc J. Francis

Celestial Creative Director

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