Pioneering entertainment in the sky

Our passion for innovation and art drive us to create never-before-seen experiences that constantly break the boundaries of what is possible.

Brand Events

We elevate brand values by understanding brand narrative. Far more than a ‘logo in the sky’, our brand events are composed, directed and delivered for maximum impact, and captured on film to allow them to live on.

City Celebrations

Our celebrations in the sky allow communities to connect in a new way, creating moments that continue to be shared, online and off, for months beyond the event. Unlike fireworks, our drone shows provide a spectacular experience without scaring animals, starting fires or polluting the local environment.

Social Impact

Our award-winning storytellers and producers write and design powerful messages, translated into dramatic animation on a vast scale to connect with the soul and invoke action.


Our signature light shows are when our creativity shines brightest. Sometimes clients don’t fully know what they want to create, just that they need something spectacular. This is where we can deliver a completely unique experience incorporating everything from scriptwriting, music composition, drone animation and much more, to deliver jaw-dropping storytelling that simply can’t be missed.


Let the light live on

Celestial are the only drone show company creating bespoke films incorporating drone light shows. Our films can document light shows so that they live on in social media feeds, and they can incorporate light shows within a wider narrative, providing an impactful asset in which to spread your message in perpetuity. Such films have gained millions, and even billions of views in subsequent years following a live event.

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