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Drone Shows by Celestial

The enchanting world of drone shows transforms the night into a breathtaking tapestry of light and motion. At Celestial, our expert team create this unforgettable visual experience grown from the seed of your idea. We’re experts at carefully prompting technology to dance in the sky to unveil a spectacle. We work with you from the project’s concept stage, all the way through to design, involving professionals from the arts and music industry if needed and the delivery of the show. 


We design extraordinary drone light shows for larger-than-life projects, transforming any occasion into a memorable and soul-touching experience. Whether it’s a corporate event, a product launch, or a grand celebration, our team of experts will work closely with you to design a customised performance that will leave a lasting impression.

Experience a journey where you can let your imagination take flight in a world where technology and art merge seamlessly in the night sky. Prepare to be dazzled and inspired as our drone shows bring visions to life and elevate your event to new heights. 

Choose Celstial: An Award-Winning and Innovative Drone Show Company

At Celestial, we aim to push the boundaries of bespoke storytelling using light displays. Our talent is unparalleled in the drone show industry and our unmatched experience will help unite people in the most unique way. Our visionary approach allows us to create the most fascinating drone shows in 3D, going beyond imagination and elevating the senses. Our connections allow us to craft a show and explore creative collaborations with the greatest artists and entertainment providers from around the globe.

A Drone Light Show For Every Grand Occasion

Typical Process Of Creating a Drone Show: From Imagination to a Visual Spectacle


Every captivating show starts with an idea. Our ideation process takes into consideration the wants, needs and goals of the client and presents them with a unique and bespoke creative solution that audiences will want to capture to rewatch again and again.  


Creative Process

Our creative team led by the Creative Director will turn the idea into a visually captivating show by brainstorming, designing, testing and refining until it is perfect from every aspect. 



This is where all the pieces come together into one beautiful finished product, our favourite part of the project. The team carry out further testing, setting up the drones, and handing over the approved animation to the Flight Operations team who will upload it into the system, so it can be deployed and tested at Celestial’s flight base.


Show Time

After months of preparation, testing and perfecting, the drone art show is ready to be shared with the world on Earth’s largest canvas. 

For a detailed insight into our process, please view our latest blog on how drone shows are created at Celestial.

Tell Your Story With Celestial

It’s time to inspire your audience to gaze up to the sky and live through a magical experience they’ll never forget. Our expert team will nurture and develop your idea into something bright, bold and soulful with the help of our industry-leading technology. Our expertise allows us to develop ideas into powerful stories in the sky and turn the seemingly impossible into the possible. We are proud to use renewable energy and technology that doesn’t scare or disturb animals. Are you ready to tap into a more sustainable form of entertainment, and discover something different and spectacular?

As an FAA approved company, we assure safety with every drone show we create at any location in the USA. Giving you peace of mind so we can work together to bring your imagination to life.

Being a CAA approved drone show company allows us to perform our drone light shows in the UK, once we have declared the location fit and safe for it. Whether you’re choosing the city, mountains or other natural phenomena as your location, we can turn the sky into a magical display show above it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Drone Shows

The cost of a drone light show varies depending on the number of drones used, the complexity of the performance, and other factors.

Thousands! And they all have individual alien or celestial-themed names.

Yes, drones and pyrotechnics can be displayed simultaneously.

Yes, technical advancements mean that increasingly bad weather is less of a reason not to fly. For safety reasons however, it is not recommended to fly drones in very adverse weather conditions such as high winds or heavy rain.

Yes, our animation process allows for a very true-to-life simulation of the drone show for clients to view on screen and we would always conduct flight tests prior to the show.

The duration of a drone light show can vary depending on the number of drones used and the complexity of the performance, but typically lasts between 5-20 minutes.