Celestial Commissioned to Perform Nigeria’s First Ever Drone Show for Prime Video

30th November, 2022
  • British-based drone art company Celestial have debuted their innovative technology in Nigeria, making it the first-ever drone display in West Africa.
  • Prime Video commissioned Celestial to showcase their 500 drone fleet for the official launch of Prime Video Nigeria to coincide with the season finale of Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power at a VIP event.

Pioneering drone art company Celestial had the honour of designing Nigeria’s first-ever drone display using a 500-drone fleet, 200m across the night sky to hundreds of VIP guests, in the 8-minute groundbreaking show.

The dazzling drones danced together to display The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power logo and text from the show in the original, iconic Tolkien font and the Prime Video logo.

The soundtrack, which was taken from the The Rings Of Power show, was expertly crafted by Celestial to go with their flight imagery.

To watch the video, click here.

Celestial arranged the exclusive VIP event closely with their Nigerian delivery partner, Arco. In addition, a sizeable launch platform was constructed for Celestial to launch its largest-scale drone exhibition to date.

To provide viewers in Nigeria with a genuinely unique experience, Prime Video and Celestial went above and beyond.

John Hopkins, co-founder of Celestial, says:

“To design West Africa’s first-ever drone show was an honour for Celestial and another groundbreaking chapter in the history of our company. Over that, to be involved in the biggest TV show in history, as Tolkien fans, was a true privilege.”

Celestial’s drones use 3D animation techniques to cast live imagery into the sky to dazzle audiences.

Click here to see the mesmerising display.