Celestial’s Heartwarming Drone Show Touches Hearts on Saturday Night Takeaway

11th March, 2023

Tonight, Saturday March 11th, ITV broadcasted a very special Celestial drone art display on the popular UK television show, Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. After months of collaboration with ITV, Celestial was honoured to produce a special drone show that left viewers and audience members in awe.

The emotionally charged segment of the show featured a heartwarming message in the sky that read “adopt me?” to the foster parents, using 480 drones while their family members watched on. The story touched the hearts of many, as the answer was a resounding “yes!”

drone show saturday night takeaway

15 family members were present at the airfield, unaware of what they were doing there, to witness the drone show itself. The show was broadcast to the studio and TV audience, reaching an average of 7 million viewers, and shared in the surprise and celebrations.

The drone show featured a clouded spiral, leading up to the heartwarming message of “Will you adopt me?”. Notts County Youth football team carried a banner at half time in their match to display “WILL”, the studio audience held place cards with the letters “Y” “O” “U”, and Celestial drones in the night sky forming “ADOPT ME?”. Followed by a congratulatory message, a red pulsing heart, and stylised fireworks that dazzled the audience.

drone show saturday night takeaway

Elizeta Pylioti, the Assistant Producer at Celestial, said:

“Celestial is all about creating special experiences. Lighting up the sky with 480 drones for such an emotional story shows beyond doubt that there are no bounds to what we can achieve if we combine passion and creativity.”

Celestial’s innovative drone technology and artistry continue to push boundaries in the entertainment industry, inspiring hope and wonder in audiences worldwide.