4 Things to Look For When Hiring a Drone Light Show Company

20th August, 2021

Drone light displays have been taking off in recent years, removing the need for carbon-laden fireworks and introducing more eco-friendly alternatives. 

With the ongoing development of new and innovative technology, audiences are able to enjoy increasingly ambitious large-scale light displays that consistently raise the bar on what can be achieved through a unique fusion of technology and soul

However, no drone light show company is the same. The behind-the-scenes work of a drone display may differ from one company to the next. Therefore, understanding your requirements so that you can choose the right one for your light show is vital for creating an unforgettable display that hits all your markers. 

To help you decide what you need to look out for, this article delves into the four things you should look for when hiring a drone light show company, including:

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Collaborative ways of working
  • Filmography 
  • Ethical drone practises 

As well as taking you through what to prioritise, we’ll also explore some of the pitfalls you should avoid along the way. 

What to look out for: 

1. Cutting edge technology 

Drone technology moves fast. In fact, the very first commercial drone permit was issued in 2006, and it’s come a long way since then. 

In terms of drone light shows, there are a number of exciting developments to look out for. One of them is a higher number of drones used in increasingly complex displays. However, when you’re looking to engage with audiences on an emotional level, swarm size doesn’t have to be everything.  

At Celestial, our approach to technological innovation is focused on taking large scale astral drone technology and giving it a uniquely western spin by using engaging storytelling to maximise the creative potential of our technology.

Not only this, but we continue to develop new technologies such as motion capture, which allow us to translate the movements of performers into our 300 drones in real-time, by literally connecting the two in live interactions.

These groundbreaking developments are paving the way for epic storytelling on a level never seen before and is something that we recommend looking out for.


2. Collaborative ways of working

The second thing to look out for in a drone light show company is collaborative ways of working. The best drone displays will usually combine the visual spectacle of the drones flying in formation with a variety of other mediums, including music, poetry, live performance and more.

Finding a drone company that works with an array of composers, poets, musicians, dancers, and choreographers worldwide is an excellent way to produce a drone display that is both compelling and immersive. The synergy of these different mediums ultimately enhances the overall storytelling of the display. 

At Celestial, collaboration is something that’s absolutely crucial to creating pieces of work that resonate with the most people, which means pulling in a whole host of creative talent to work together to create unforgettable digital art. 

3. Filmography

One of the best parts of producing a drone display is capturing the evidence of our custom formations. This is an essential part of the work we do for many of our clients at Celestial, and it’s another thing to look out for with your drone light show company of choice. 

Capturing our drone displays on film allows us to reach as many people as possible and combine all the creative mediums that contribute to our displays to engage with audiences on an emotional level. 

So how do we make our drone displays come to life on video? First, we film our drones on location where possible or carefully edit them into place. Then, we add the music, narration, and other post-production elements to create beautiful cinematic experiences. 

In international projects featuring locations from around the globe, such as the Art for Amnesty ‘Freedom Flight’ project, filming has been a collaborative effort.   

4. Ethical drones 

As well as looking at the experience, creativity and skill of the drone companies you’re considering, it’s also worth thinking about how ethical they are.

This includes standard processes as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. 

In terms of process, we know that one of the benefits of drones is that they’re a safe and low carbon successor to traditional firework displays. This makes drone light displays a particularly fitting option for events such as New Year celebrations

However, not all drone displays are as ‘green’ as you might think. Some drone companies even fly their drones in from all over the world by plane in order to do a light display. Meanwhile, at Celestial, our drones are based on-site with no need to transport them by plane.  

In addition to that, our non-profit initiatives include human support, in which our drones are used for the purpose of humanitarian aid. This allows us to provide vital digital signage in a range of humanitarian emergencies so that people in need of help can see where aid or evacuation points are from looking up at our drone formations in the sky. 

By choosing a drone light show company that plays its part to do good for humanity, you too can support these initiatives. 

Final thoughts

When you’re thinking about which drone light show company you want to hire, whether you want to convey a strong message using digital art or simply wow your audience with a spectacular show, there are many factors to consider. 

Ultimately, your choice really comes down to what niche you’re looking for. If you require a drone company that can produce a show-stopping light display that leverages the power of storytelling, collaboration and cutting edge technology, Celestial could be the right choice for you.

If you want to find out more about what drives our work and who is involved in the process, check out our about section or simply get in touch.