Coventry City of Culture | "Our Wilder Family"

Our Wilder Family was a nature-themed drone light display featuring the rich array of wildlife that calls Coventry and the Warwickshire countryside ‘home’ over the course of a groundbreaking 16-minute show.


May 2022 / Coventry, England / For Coventry City of Culture Trust

Hundreds of drones took to the skies in two flights, while an eclectic combination of poetry, music and the words of school children accompany what is an epic celebration of our natural world.

The script for the show was conceived after receiving the initial poetry written by local Coventry poets, and discussion with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, and encompassed five chaptered themes that showcased the beauty of Coventry and its surrounding wildlife. The show featured new, cutting edge techniques that enabled Celestial to create new levels of complexity in the animation, mixing new methods of 3D model animation, mathematics and traditional keyframe methods.

The project was also filmed by multiple cameras and live-streamed online using 5G technology, enabling a truly global audience to enjoy the display and watch it live from different viewing angles.

Our Wilder Family is characterised by a mix of simplicity and complexity through traditional animation techniques enhanced by our innovative technology and software. 

John Hopkins

Celestial Co-Founder

In collaboration with…

Poetry | Bohdan Piasecki
Music | Dan Jones and Guy Hughes

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