Evolution - the drone light show

Don’t miss the 2024 UK Tour of Evolution, the drone light show presenting the very latest in creative entertainment. Watch as hundreds of drones light up the night sky with a story to spark the imagination and stir the soul.

This epic-scale event will immerse audiences in a sky spectacular celebration of the living world. The narrated story starts with the Big Bang, the explosive birth of the universe, before journeying into the remarkable origins of conscious life on Earth.

presents storytelling on a colossal scale, with themes of transformation, growth and the perpetual dance of change. We see single-cell organisms, awe-inspiring dinosaurs and the dawning of modern humans. This unique drone light show is a captivating homage to the past, celebration of the present and glimpse into the horizons of the future.

Absolutely mesmerised. The whole experience was amazing – the story, the music and the drones all worked so well together. We all loved it. Thank you

Hannah Annear, December 2023

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