Frome Apple Day | "Glow in the Park"

In 2020, Celestial was approached by Frome Mayor, Andy Wrintmore, to put on a live drone show as an alternative to the usual firework displays

October 2020 | Somerset, England | Frome

Frome is home to our Headquarters and we were thrilled with the opportunity to give back to the community. Collaborating with an array of local collaborators, Celestial created an ethereal drone display, ‘Glow in the Park’, to mark Frome’s traditional Apple Day Celebrations, built around the theme of apples, harvest, fertility and Somerset folklore. Local poet Laura Hales wrote a beautiful piece of verse that was voiced by several schoolchildren from different schools around the town. Imagery, from cosmic apples, to a celtic Rune, to the Green Man face, took inspiration from local traditions. The show also marked the beginning of COP26 and so also centred around a love for the environment. It was a huge success drawing in one of Frome’s best-attended Apple Day festivals, with around 7000 people making up the audience, in addition, raising £5000 for local charities.

In collaboration with…

Poetry | Laura Hales

Narration | Local pupils