Amnesty International "Freedom Flight"

We’re passionate about using our technology for good. A commission by Art for Amnesty to create a unique drone art piece commemorating Amnesty International’s 60th anniversary offered Celestial the opportunity to do just that.


March 2021 / Paris, France / For Art for Amnesty

Inspired by a drawing of a dove for Amnesty International by Pablo Picasso, Celestial’s ‘Freedom Flight’ film concept proposed a 3D recreation of the drawing using drones. The aim was to weave technology, cinematography, music and poetry into a compelling narrative of connection and solidarity, inspiring support for universal human rights.


Despite pandemic constraints led to collaborations with international filmmakers capturing human rights landmarks globally. Supported by Amnesty France and renowned artists like Sting and Bono, the film showcased 150 drones taking flight from iconic locations. With Peter Gabriel scoring and diverse voices narrating, the Art for Amnesty Freedom Flight film became a testament to innovative drone displays and filmmaking resilience born from the challenges of the pandemic.

“Beautiful, artistic and powerful.
Bravo Celestial!”

Bill Shipsey

Founder of Art for Amnesty

In collaboration with…

Film Score | Peter Gabriel

Narration | Nazanin Boniadi (English), Mia Maestro (Spanish), Angelique Kidjo (French)

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