Adelaide Fringe Festival | "Sky Song"

“Sky Song” was the world’s first feature-length drone art show. Commissioned by Festival Director Heather Croall, this groundbreaking collaboration seamlessly blended cutting-edge technology with ancient storytelling. 


March 2022 / Adelaide, Austalia / For Adelaide Fringe Festival

The show incorporated the world’s largest holographic projector screens, dynamic lighting, and a captivating soundtrack, showcasing First Nation art, narration and music through Celestial’s unique visual storytelling. Developed over a year, the 30-minute drone display took audiences on a cosmic journey through First Nation history, culture, and art, emphasising themes of belonging, land rights and reconciliation.


Narrated by Archie Roach, each chapter represents a different story and message from various First Nation artists. The production also digitally mapped live performances of First Nation singers and dancers onto screens, creating a groundbreaking visual spectacle and emotionally resonant event.