Project Overview

At Celestial, we wanted to mark the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in a significant way, where we had the opportunity to use our solar powered drone fleet for good and create another impactful appeal, encouraging world leaders to take drastic action on climate change once and for all. 

At the time, we were already working closely with The Eden Project to create some drone shows for a live audience on site. We knew they would make ideal partners for this film, as their mission is to create a movement that builds relationships between people and the natural world to demonstrate the power of working together for the benefit of all living things. We were thrilled when our suggestion to use our drones to create a film for COP26 really captured their imagination. 

Volvo also loved the concept and came on board partway through the process as the official sponsors and the Eden Sessions music concerts, adding more weight behind the project.

The resultant one-off 90-second film, where nearly 300 drones depict the interconnectivity between humankind and the planet, is centred around the point of view of a visiting alien. In the film, the alien looks at humanity in disbelief as we continue to degrade the world around us, and by default, degrade ourselves. We hope that this film can play some small role in inspiring world leaders to take the necessary action that we’ve all been waiting for to save our planet.

Eden Project Drone show

The Process

The idea for this film was conceptualised quite close to COP26. As a result, it required a rapid turnaround, which meant all hands on deck for the scripting, storyboarding, animation, logistics and flight. The Eden Project gave us the amazing opportunity to go to film our drones soaring above their iconic Biomes, which lit up in a mesmerising green. 

The film features a spectacular display of light and colour against the dramatic backdrop of the night sky. Sigur Rós‘ haunting melody suited the tone of the piece to create an atmospheric experience. The end result is a stunning display that aims to move audiences and call world leaders to action.

EDEN PROJECT drone show

A captivating story in the night sky above the Eden Project is imploring leaders at the forthcoming UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) to Act Now to combat global warming.


Eden Project Drone show

Final thoughts and thanks

This drone light show marked the first time (post-COVID) that we’ve flown a show on location in front of a live audience. We’re extremely proud that our first live drone display was able to combine art and cutting-edge technology to deliver a powerful message that is also so painfully simple: Act Now.

We hope this is the first of many collaborations with the Eden Project and Volvo UK, and would like to thank the Eden Project for believing in our vision. It’s always been an ambition of ours to fly our drones above the world-famous Biomes at Eden, so this flight was truly a dream come true. 

Eden Project Drone show

Discover how our drones can elevate your story and experience a live drone demo at our airfield.