Adding a signature touch to The Secret Garden Party

23rd July, 2023

One of the best kept secrets at this year’s Secret Garden Party, was the festival’s Spectacle Show, which this year featured Celestial drones. The show delivered an unprecedented combination of hundreds of drones alongside fireworks, lighting and lasers, marking the largest multi-media airborne act at a UK music festival to date.

Showcased on Saturday 22nd July, above the main stage just before headliners ‘Underworld’ took to the stage, the captivating drone display, titled ‘Cosmic Wisdom’, fused the timeless perception of Alan Watts with mesmerising sacred geometry.  Moving people with profound messaging via audio that, combined with the cutting-edge neon visuals, represented some of the inner workings of the universe.

Founder and ‘Head Gardener’ of Secret Garden Party Freddie Fellowes said, “It’s hard to put into words the excitement felt by myself and my team when working with Celestial to realise this vision. The creative journey we have been on to produce this multimedia spectacle with ‘Cosmic Wisdom’ at its centre has been exhilarating and life affirming. This was collaboration at its purest and doing this is everything we have ever wanted Secret Garden Party to be able to do and hope to continue to do.”

It had long been the wish for Celestial to combine the wisdom of Alan Watts with its ethereal light displays, which appear like the stars brought to life. ‘Cosmic Wisdom’ offered a mesmerising and thought provoking show which paired animated sacred geometry with some of Alan Watts’ most profound messaging.

The show served to uplift, enlighten and inspire audiences and supported the festival’s pursuit of a more sustainable experience by adding cutting-edge and environmentally friendly drone technology to their traditional firework display.