Meet ‘Nebula’ – The World’s Most Famous Drone

2nd June, 2023

Welcome to the enthralling and whimsical realm of Eurovision, where musical prodigies from all corners of the globe gather to enchant audiences with their mind-boggling performances.

But hold on tight because, in this extraordinary galaxy of talent, an unexpected star has skyrocketed to fame, captivating the world with its otherworldly allure.

Brace yourself for Nebula, the Celestial drone sensation that has taken the entertainment scene by storm!

Imagine a fusion of technology and artistry so profound that it transcends the boundaries of imagination. That’s precisely what Nebula brought to the table as an artist performing at the show. With its hypnotic manoeuvres and ethereal presence, this magnificent drone has soared to the very heights of top entertainment. 

As Eurovision artists prepared to dazzle us on the grand Welcome Party stage, they were also eagerly anticipating the chance to hold Nebula in their hands —the true luminary of the show. 

These talented artists understood the rare opportunity that lay before them: the chance to be seen with the sheer magnificence of Nebula, when the drone stepped on to the turquoise carpet in Liverpool for the first time.

Artists looking up to one another

With a prideful smile, Albina Kelmendi, the breathtaking talent behind Albina & Familja Kelmendi, raises Nebula high into the air. 

And oh, how Nebula reciprocates that pride! As the ethereal drone beholds Albina’s enthralling entrance, it finds itself utterly captivated, drawn in by her irresistible allure.

With utmost pride, Nebula basks in the radiance brought forth by Blanka, the extraordinary talent that represented Poland in the Eurovision spotlight. 

From the moment Blanka took her first electrifying step on the turquoise carpet, Nebula felt an immediate connection. The pulsating energy of the crowd mirrored the very essence of Nebula’s own exhilarating performance in the Big Eurovision Welcome Party Drone Show. 

A moment of Eurovision enchantment occurred when Conchita Wurst, the iconic winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest for Austria, also held ‘hands’ with Nebula. 

Conchita, with her signature elegance and fierce individuality, understood the significance of Nebula’s presence amongst the stars of global entertainment that were gathered there. 

An exhilarating moment unfolded when Nebula, was held aloft by  Käärijä, the dynamic performer that represented Finland at Eurovision 2023 and triumphantly secured 2nd place at the Grand Final. 

Their encounter marked a thrilling meeting of artistic brilliance and an undeniable celebration of Eurovision magic!

In a heartwarming encounter before Nebula’s illuminating drone show performance, Monika Linkytė had the extraordinary opportunity to meet Nebula, the sensational star of the Eurovision drone show. 

In this magical moment, Nebula found itself irresistibly drawn to Monika, captivated by her warmth, talent, and undeniable charm.

The Celestial Drone, Nebula, found itself deeply moved and inspired by Pasha Parfeni, the dynamic performer who represented Moldova at Eurovision. 

Beyond Pasha’s captivating musical talent, his unwavering activism and dedication to standing up for freedom resonated profoundly with Nebula and the entire Celestial team.

In a majestic encounter with Eurovision royalty, Nebula and Alessandra, the extraordinary representative of Norway, came face to face, creating a moment of pure honour and admiration. 

As Alessandra held Nebula aloft, a symbiotic connection formed, showcasing the mutual respect and appreciation between these two electrifying artists. 

None other than the talented Zara Larsson also had the pleasure of meeting her fellow artist Nebula before they shared the stage for their breathtaking performance at the Big Eurovision Welcome Party. 

These two performers had shared the stage before (at rehearsals the following evening). With her enchanting vocals and dazzling stage presence, Zara found inspiration in Nebula’s Celestial spirit. The drone, in turn, admired Zara’s attire, artistry and how she effortlessly commanded the stage with her charisma and talent. The two have remained firm friends following their spectacular performance on the night.

In a moment of pure triumph and celebration, Sweden’s Loreen, the 2023 Eurovision Winner, found herself holding Nebula high, using the now-famous drone as a playful rehearsal for the triumphant moment of raising her well-deserved winning trophy.

Together, Loreen and Nebula formed a harmonious bond, embodying the spirit of triumph, creativity and the pursuit of artistic greatness. The Eurovision Winner, with her remarkable talent and show-stopping performance, had captivated the hearts of millions. Nebula, an iconic drone, mesmerised audiences with awe-inspiring manoeuvres and an otherworldly presence.

In the enchanting realm of Eurovision, where stars are born, and dreams take flight, Nebula, the Celestial drone sensation, has become an unlikely celebrity. 

From Albania to Norway, from Finland to Moldova, artists from around the globe have been captivated by Nebula’s ethereal presence and perfectly timed dance moves, synchronised with a 623-strong backing crew. 

The excitement and admiration that Nebula garnered throughout Eurovision is unparalleled. As an upcoming artist, Nebula is certainly one to watch. 

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