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We have 3 fleets of 300 drones, with one fleet consisting of 500 drones. The amount of drones depends on the animation you require. Since Celestial launched in 2020, we have never stopped developing and growing. In late 2022, we expanded one of our drone fleets to 500 drones. In order to provide our audiences with the most jaw-dropping shows possible, we will continue to enhance our drones and technology as an inventive company.
Our drone performances can last from a thrilling 3-minute display up to 30 minutes. The longest drone display we have created so far was our feature-length Sky Song, which was an exciting 30 minutes long with five different chapters. The possibilities are endless.
A unique visual way to promote your brand is with Celestial sky drones. We are a creative collective of film makers, event producers and tech wizards with a passion for innovative storytelling. We are the natural successor to fireworks. Using drones as pixels, we see the night sky as a giant 3D screen capable of unlimited digital possibilities. Our immersive events, world-class films and cutting-edge technology represents a new frontier in the live event industry. Read about how our drone shows can transform your events here. Watch our beautiful drone sky displays here.
If it’s a windy day, we can fly in constant winds of 19 kph and gusting up to 25kph. Our drones do need to stay dry, so sadly our shows cannot go ahead during wet weather. However, we do pride ourselves in our endeavours for our shows to go above and beyond, in some cases the show may be delayed at the start by 15-30 minutes to give the rain a chance to stop.
Yes! Celestial provides each client with the full animation of the drone show prior to the event as this will give us the opportunity to make any changes that it may need. We are located in the rolling hills near Bath, England, we encourage our clients to visit our airfield for a stunning demo.
The sky is your limit! (with permissions and authorisations for the drone show) we have performed exciting shows in England, Scotland, Australia, and most recently Nigeria. Send us your location enquiry today, and a member of our Celestial team will contact you to discuss your options.
We have an excellent team of 3D animators and storyboard artists who will be able to design logos, moving animations and text across the sky. Our software translates live gestures of a human performer into the drone flock. Our drones can also mirror animal motion and react to music in real time. The result is breathtaking organic movement on an epic scale. We can create endless possibilities of personalised stories to your heart’s content.

We use the intelligent Uvify IFO to fly our shows. IFO is the world’s most versatile, longest flying, and brightest light display drone.

Our team at Celestial takes care of any required permissions and authorisations that will be required to perform our drone art displays. In Australia, we have all the required licence to perform dazzling, show stopping displays.
This completely depends on your requirements! We do enthralling drone art displays that require a minimum of 300 drones. We can have a kickoff meeting to discuss your vision and discuss all of our options.
Ideally between 3 – 6 months to complete the following activities:
  • Our creative team will draw up a storyboard and script for the drone show
  • Do location scouting for the show
  • Design the writing, art & motion design, and choose the music for the display
  • Our 3D Animators will create the images our drones will form in a 3D space made up of dots
  • We then program all of our drones to follow the flight path of the dots that we map out during this animation process (Each of our drones follows its own specific pattern, with hundreds of drones working in tandem, we’re able to achieve an epic feast for the sense that dazzle audiences every time)
  • We then perform a practice run of the display in our Frome HQ before the event.
Our excellent blog posts go into great detail about how we get ready for a show here and here.
You can get in touchvia our website. For UK enquiries – our office address is Frome Business Park, Manor Road, Marston Trading Estate, Frome, BA11 4FN and number is +44 (0)1225 292122 For USA enquiries – our office is 2926 Gilroy St, Los Angeles, CA 90039 For media enquiries please email We always love working with new clients to bring new exciting innovations into what we do.

Celestial has hosted a variety of drone displays for brands and charities. 

We can organise; Live Drone Shows, Drone Displays, Drone Show for Live Events and Festivals, Artivism – Activism Using Art, Cinematic Film Production Using Drones for Marketing and Brand Activation.

To name a few, we have successfully performed:

    • Prime Video’s official launch in Nigeria, promoting their exciting Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power show 
    • Man City win at the Premier League where our drones lit up the sky with a captivating performance to celebrate their victory
    • Celebrated Melbourne 2022 New Year Eve Celebrations as an alternative to fireworks
    • Collaborated with Greenpeace at the critical G7 Summit to promote a powerful display about the biodiversity crisis

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Greenpeace ACT NOW G7 Drone Show
Rings of Power Drone show

Discover how our drones can elevate your story and experience a live drone demo at our airfield.