Drone Shows: Balancing the Thrills with Safety

12th January, 2023

Drone shows can create truly magical experiences for audiences of all ages – but as this innovative form of storytelling becomes more and more popular, how safe is it to have hundreds or thousands of drones flying in the sky?

When drone shows are operated by experienced professionals using drone systems created with safety protocols in mind, there is no need for concern.

Major drone show companies like Celestial deploy multiple layers of safety measures to keep everyone safe and give audiences a mesmerising entertainment experience without a worry.

Flight Location for Drone Shows

Finding the correct flight zone for a drone show is essential, and the specific rules vary from country to country.

To ensure operators adhere to the established guidelines, drone technology comes with GPS-enabled geo-fencing that prevents operations beyond the agreed-upon flight zone.

Moreover, a safety zone between the drone show and the audience must be maintained throughout, providing an extra layer of security during performances..

Communication for Drone Shows

Drone shows have become an impressive form of performance art, dazzling crowds worldwide with their captivating visuals and technical showmanship.

Every Celestial drone is equipped with two radio communication systems – one main and one backup operating at different frequencies – so we know we will remain in contact with the drones throughout the performance.

Should the unexpected occur, and all communication is lost, safety protocols kick into gear: the drones automatically execute a ‘return-to-home’ or ‘land’ command, ensuring everyone’s safety long before potential problems arise.

Testing Drone Shows

Celestial maintains a permanent airfield and tests all of our drone shows prior to deploying them to site. The drone show test flights offer an opportunity for clients to give final sign off on the animations, and for the Celestial to crew to make final tweaks before the show is seen by the public.

Obeying the Rules of Civil Aviation

Celestial is committed to ensuring the highest standards of drone shows while following all of the regulations set forth by civil aviation authorities worldwide.

Our drone pilots are trained to a high level and certified by European, Australian, and American bodies. Compliance with civil aviation authority regulations is a priority at Celestial – we believe those safeguards are in place for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.


Drone shows are continuously evolving and growing in popularity, providing a thrilling and awe-inspiring experience for spectators across the globe.

We value safety and creativity equally at Celestial and are proud to work with aviation regulators worldwide to develop the best practices.

Drone shows are one of the safest ways to light up the night sky, rivalling traditional fireworks without posing the same risks.

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how our drone light shows work or if you would like to work with us.