The Benefits of Using a Drone Light Show for Your Brand Activation Strategy

29th April, 2022

Whatever industry you’re operating in, getting your brand in front of your target market can be tough.

This is especially the case for B2C businesses, where the noise from millions of other similar marketing campaigns can make it incredibly hard for brands to stand out in a profound and meaningful way.

That’s why brand activation is so important.

With brand activation, you can get your customers to take action. This marketing technique aims to generate awareness for brands and build relationships with their target audience in order to create loyal consumers who will come back time after again.

The more cutting-edge and innovative your methods, the more you’ll be able to inspire potential customers and the more success you’ll enjoy as a result. 

That’s why more and more brands are turning to drone light shows. 

What are drone light shows?

Drone light shows typically combine 360° design and production and cutting-edge technology to create the ultimate open-air spectacle.

Usually, these light displays will feature hundreds of drones that are carefully choreographed to fly in unison and create epic illuminated imagery in the night sky. 

Alongside the drones, light shows can also incorporate aspects like surround sound, projections, and ground lighting to maximise impact and scale. 

Why choose a drone light show for your next marketing campaign?

Drone light shows provide a way to break through with a clear, compelling message that stands out against the saturated backdrop of the competition and connects with audiences in a truly unique and memorable way. 

As a cutting edge technology, drone shows also have the novelty factor. For the vast majority of audiences, it’s going to be their very first time seeing a drone light display, meaning it’s going to draw far more attention than other, more traditional marketing techniques.  

And while many non-digital marketing techniques like billboards have the downside of a limited reach outside the immediate vicinity, drone light shows can be easily captured on video and shared across social media, where you can quickly multiply your reach. 

Choosing the right company to deliver your drone light show

If you want to incorporate a drone display into your brand activation strategy, it’s also important to choose the right drone display company to deliver your vision. 

Some of the aspects you may want to consider include:

Live shows Vs Filmography

A drone light show as part of your brand activation strategy isn’t limited to a live show alone. By opting for a company that has a track record of delivering world-class filmography, you can have your vision brought to life and made into a timeless piece of marketing content that can be repurposed time and again.  

You can see examples of what you can expect from a live show here:

To see how a drone display can be transformed into amazing filmography, check out the following:


The drone display company you choose should also be open to collaboration to ensure your brand activation is a success. After all, they will be an extension of your team and will need to understand your vision in order to bring it to life.

A good drone display company should also be able to provide you with:

  • A comprehensive drone show brief outlining your requirements in detail
  • Recommendations for a drone light show that will best align with your brand and meet your marketing goals
  • A detailed drone safety plan, including drone pilot training and weather contingency plans
  • A high level of communication throughout the project process to get your input and keep you in the loop. 

At Celestial, we believe in working collaboratively with our clients to create unforgettable displays that inspire positive change.

How ‘green’ is the company?

As a brand, it’s also important to ensure the drone display company you work with shares your values. 

Drone shows continue to soar in popularity as they offer a great alternative to environmentally damaging fireworks.

However, that doesn’t mean that all drone companies have the same carbon footprint. For example, some companies transport their drones to various locations via plane, a significant contributor to greenhouse gasses. 

As a company that stays true to its values, Celestial doesn’t do this and is proud to power its operations and drones through renewable energy. 

At Celestial, we have also created a variety of high-profile drone displays that promote meaningful environmental action, including iconic displays for the G7 summit in Cornwall in partnership with Greenpeace and a COP 26 display in partnership with the Eden Project.


When it comes to brand activation, drone light shows are a powerful and cutting-edge way to capture the attention of your target audience. From a marketing perspective, the numerous benefits include increased brand awareness, engagement, and innovative content creation opportunities. 

By investing in a drone light show to promote your brand, you’ll be amongst the few trailblazers that are realising the value of a truly pioneering, dynamic and original approach to brand activation. 

If you require a drone company that can produce a show-stopping light display that leverages the power of storytelling, collaboration and cutting edge technology, Celestial could be the right choice for you.

Read more about how our drone shows can elevate your brand activation.

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